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Web Design & Development Agency Calgary

Neex is an IT services company based in Calgary, focused on high performance in design and development of custom web sites, web designers and developers, SEO, digital marketing and branding.
Neex Brazil is a digital agency focused on high performance in results. Our service is personalized, creative and differentiated.

We have dozens of clients from different areas of Canada, UK, France and Brazil.

We create professional and completely customized websites for different company concepts, whether you are a freelance professional or small, medium and large company. We believe that each site needs to be unique, planned and executed with a special focus on the target audience, combining great design, usability and functionality.

Neex Brazil is prepared and has solid knowledge to create the ideal project for your business. We have a specialized team to make your project unique and generate results.

The creative process of Neex Brazil is aligned with the strategy, planning and objectives of the company, thus being able to carry out a project focused on excellence.

Liked? Request a proposal.
Our feedback is quick, as are the results we will conquer together.

Neex Brazil creates solutions for different areas of Canada.

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